Welcome back! in this episode we see the return of Dave (boo hiss!). We keep stumbling forward on our trip through the parts of Malifaux that doesn't affect the game by discussing Soulstones a little more deeply that payin' folks to do some stabbin' for yeh. We finish out our Master rankings with the 10T (Spoiler: I still don't like Asami's face). Lastly, we continue making up models for the game, this time with 10 Thunders minions. On the next show we'll be doing Resurrectionist masters, so get us your ideas! Also, genuinely let us know if we should run a Patreon. It'd be used for better equipment so we can churn out content at a much more reliable rate. However, I don't want to pester folks to donate if they just aren't feeling like it, or don't want to hear us beg every episode.


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