Warning! - this episode we use a lot more swears and discuss adult stuff.


We're Alive! After the The Other Side episode, we learned that scheduling issues and technology failures don't go together very well. We apologize for the delay. Please welcome a new host Trey Page. This episode we finally get to a segment that Victoria has been chomping at the bit to cover: character origins. Since we're the resident Malifaux fluff-cast, we took it upon ourselves to force our listeners to learn something. Of course we can't cover every model, so this is the first segment of hopefully several more down the line.

We also get back to making up models, using the Resurrectionist master we declared in episode 7. This segment was a rerecord so we apologize if it seems short.


Lecture Notes from the Breach

Resurrectionist Master Thread

Neverborn Henchman Thread



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