Hey folks! Welcome to the first episode of our new show, Friday Night Faux-Down! Unlike the regular SPS episodes, FNFD will consist of topics that are shorter and more relevant, as well as a shorter length and more frequent release schedule. This way we can be more topical and digestable that the regular show. Don't worry, Steam Powered Scoundrels aren't going anywhere.



1. Should Wyrd go digital and free with their cards?

2. Wargamevault's card printing fiasco

3. New board game(s) from Wyrd

4. Measuring Widgets and other Accessories

5. What's wrong with the Guilders program?


Please send us ideas for topics or if you'd like to be on the show.

We can be found at SPSMalifaux@gmail.com or @SPSMalifaux on Twitter. We also possess a Facebook page where we can be reached.

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