Third Episode of Friday Night Faux-Down! (I'm probably going to stop counting these). This week we welcome back Kyle Bode, Dave Hoffman, and Sean Overton (ShadowOpal). This week we ease off of the serious topics for a bit. Kyle talks about his Jokers suggestion, Doug steals jokes from foreigners, and Dave posts memes that you can't see because this is a podcast.


Topics this Episode:

  1. Wyrd producing tokens, base inserts, and more terrain.
  2. Who was your first master and why?
  3. How to handle 'Cheat sheets' and other notes at the game table.
  4. Should Malifaux expand to an 8th faction.
  5. Naming the term for when your red jokers is ruined by the black joker.
  6. Most eligible bachelor/bachelorette in Malifaux
  7. Alternate format rule support

Kyle Bode's podcast:

Dave's stupid meme we're all laughing at: HERE

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