We're bringing Dave back from the grave for this fifth episode.

Seriously, though, I'm sorry for how long this podcast took to publish. We'll be producing more frequently in the future, to be sure. Sadly, we also lost the first segment due to audio issues. What we DO have is the ranking of the Guild master models and a discussion on where the new masters rank. We also go over the models we challenged each other to make from episode 4.

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We finally welcome our first guest, Kyle Bode, from the popular Schemes and Stones podcast.

In this episode we cover news, hobby, and games played, discuss underpowered masters and how they could be balanced to be more playable, and continue with our Master Sculpt ranking, this time covering the Outcasts.

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In this episode we bring back Dave to talk about news (new masters mostly) hobby progress and games. Then we get back into rating masters models, taking a crack at the Neverborn this time around. Lastly, we get long-winded about all of our paint and hobby supplies. We'll also give a preview of things to come and how you, the listener, can participate. Audio has been fixed to stop splitting the mics between speakers (Thanks Luke!).

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Today we welcome back Dave to talk about news, hobby progress, introducing the game and running demos for new players, and ranking the Resurrectionist masters' sculpts. Please  give us a comment or swear-filled manifesto!

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Welcome to the first episode of Steam Powered Scoundrels: A Malifaux Podcast. We're a couple of really enthusiastic Malifaux fans who make up for our lack of skill with poor sound quality and swears.In all seriousness we want to bring our own voices and focus on fluff and fun to balance a lot of the serious tactical talk you get with most other Malifaux podcasts. Please, let us know of anything you'd like us to cover or how we can better entertain you. We can be contacted at SPSMalifaux@gmail.com, on the official Wyrd forums under the username Kaiser-Senpai, or on the Steam-Powered Scoundrels Facebook group.


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