We decided to be lazy and copy Kyle Stones and Brien Schemes! The Scoundrels go over the most recent Des Moines Tournament, One Fallow Night. Instead of bringing 1st and 2nd place to the table, I'm bringing the Wooden Spoon and Honorary Wooden Spoon. Join Doug, Dave, and new guy Eric as they cover what they played and what they learned at One Fallow Night.

Tournament Stats: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1i-JAsg-99rr0pUb3AGqX92bnnQRTAbaTJUnXm2iFuYw/edit?usp=sharing

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WARNING! We talk about adult things in this episode! Not for the ears of the innocent!

Hey it's another Friday Night Faux-Down! It's been a while and boy did we miss it. Our guests tonight are Victoria, Roman, and Nate. We get through exactly ONE serious topic before devolving into our typical nonsense. Enjoy listening to part of Doug's soul dying while everyone laughs at him!

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Topics Tonight: 

1. What is one Ability/Action/Combination/etc in M3E that YOU PERSONALLY benefit from that you think needs toned down?

2. You've just opened up a Malifaux-Themed bar, describe your signature cocktail.

3. Pick a character. What is their favorite food and why?

4. What is a secret talent/skill of someone in your faction?

5. Bed Wed Behead - Round 2

Hey! Going to do our little service to the community and try and actually talk about the actual gameplay part of the game! This episode is going over the general themes, both story-wise and gameplay-wise, of each keword and model in the faction. We hope to provide a little help to those looking for a place to start when they decide to play the game.

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Before listening, check out Schemes & Stones 'Welcome to Malifaux' episode: Welcome to Malifaux

Your hosts for this episode are Doug, Victoria, Brien, and Roman.

In this episode we cover everyone's Malifaux Experience at MuseCon 2019 (being beaten to the punch by that dastardly Kyle Stones). We also discuss a few things we currently find powerful in M3E, as well as rules questions that came up during the con and how Kyle and Doug ruled them.

THEN we get to go over the brand new shiny teal 8th faction for Malifaux, and our wonderful ideas for inclusions in the roster (basically Doug monologues for 20 minutes).

I'm the TO, I demand you have fun listening to this.

Hey! We're trying out YET ANOTHER FORMAT! This time we give actual game play a try, and the results were...interesting. For Best Laid Plains, two players will generate a game of M3E and declare Faction and Master. Each will then go over their crews, general strategy and scheme options, and how they plan on scoring and dealing with their opponent. Then, each player will give a recap of each turn as the game progresses. Finally, they will come together at the end of the game and discuss the whole thing. 

PLEASE Give us feedback as to whether or not you like this format! CONVINCE US TO KEEP GOING IF YOU LIKE IT.

I do apologize for the noise. Due to the timing my daughter was causing some noise in the background.

Deployment: Flank
Strategy: Plant Explosives
Schemes: Detonate the Charges, Search the Ruins, Dig Their Graves, Take Prisoner, and Outflank

Doug - M&SU
Toni Ironsides + Magical Training
The Captain
Amina Naidu
Neil Henry
Union Miner
Soulstone Miner + Magical Training

Brien - Friekorps
Leopold Von Schill
Steam Trunk
Hannah Lovelace
Arik Schoettmer
Freikorps Scout + Soldier for Hire
Freikorps Engineer

Here we go kids. More short topics for us to make weird ideas from. I dragged Dave away from his pregnant wife and I also dragged Brien away from...Kyle Bode...just to entertain you. So be entertained. I demand it.

Topics this episode:

  1. Design a ‘minor faction’
  2. Design-a-deck
  3. Name a cool thing from TTB you want to see in Malifaux
  4. What myth, legend, or fairytale we desperately need in Malifaux?
  5. Design a K-Pop supergroup from a faction.

Your hosts for this episode are Doug, Brien, and Roman (Victoria was feeling sick!).

Today we go over why Doug sucks at maintaining the podcast, the official end of the beta, a talk on the state of A Wyrd Place, the new boxart, the new faction reveal, and the revealed fluff books.

And remember kids, find us on Facebook or comment here for anything you want us to talk about or even more reasons why Brien is the worst.

If there's anything that'll get us to crawl out of our caves, it's getting to lord knowledge over people! Welcome to the twelfth episode of Steam Powered Scoundrels. We dusted off the old podcasting machine and got it running again because M3E has got us hyped for Malifaux again. Doug, Brien, and Roman (and Victoria sort of) chit chat about our Beta experience and some of the fluffy things already revealed to the general public.

I apologize before hand that my daughter was playing quite loudly with her Legos, and so for the first half of the recording you will pick up on the distinct noise of hands raking through a tub of loose Legos. If you can't stand it, feel free to skip. She does eventually go to bed and things quiet down.

As always find us on Facebook or comment here for anything you want us to talk about or reasons why Brien is just...the worst.

Hooboy! The FNFD format is back with EXTRA garbage topics. This episode is not for the young or easily offended. Plenty of adult language and topics abound, so cover the ears of your nearest Terror Tot, it's the law!

Topics this Episode:

  1. You have just been chosen to design a new Nightmare Crew for Hamelin. What do you use in place of the Malifaux Rat? Other models?
  2. All of the Malifaux masters have just had their genders swapped! Who has the biggest boobs? The biggest wang?
  3. With the reveal that at least some masters will be getting new sculpts, what masters do you want resculpted and what to?
  4. What's your pitch for a Malifaux movie or TV show?
  5. You've just been chosed to elect one model to be transferred to the M3E Dead Man's Hand (i.e. kill them off or otherwise make them indisposed) who is it and why?

Welcome to a collaboration episode between Steam Powered Scoundrels and Schemes and Stones. In this podcast we're going to go over our thoughts and opinions on the announcement of Malifaux 3rd Edition. We'll hit on every section of what was revealed by Wyrd including the new hiring rules, conditions and tokens, changes to the system, revealed cards and models, changes to each faction, and expected distribution methods. 

The website can be found here

Along with the esteemed Kyle Bode you have a Scoundrels crew of Doug, Victoria, Roman, and Dave.

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