HEY LOOK! Different format?! This episode we ditch the Malifaux talk and take a trip to The Other Side! Wyrd's new wargame that takes place alongside Malfiaux (but in alternate-history Earth instead of alternate history alternate dimention accessed from alternate history Earth) is just wrapping up it's Kickstarter run HERE. They said they'd give us some sweet delicious episodes of Breachside Broadcast dedicated to The Other Side if the community dedicated enough episodes to the new game. So we did. This is it. We stick with our theme of "We're not the podcast for gameplay" and squeeze what fluff we can from all the details, models, videos, and whatnot provided. We have a new guest for this, Joseph Menear, as Dave made the mistake of frenching Hamelin on a dare. Joaeph hails from the Lecture Notes from the Breach podcast. Go check them out on Soundcloud and iTunes.
That YouTube video I mentioned I would post: Here
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